Carly Catastrophe

I got a message on myspace the other day from the ex boyfriend. It was about the blogs I’ve posted on there. Apparently I have nothing better to do than bitch about and belittle him on my myspace. It’s funny because I don’t see it that way. He’s hardly mentioned and if he is, it’s because he’s connected to whatever it is I’m writing about on there. I mean, he was a constant factor for a year of my life. He’s not just going to leave my mind forever. He then went on to tell me that his new girlfriend makes him happier than I ever came close to making him. It certainly hurt a bit. It was a low blow. But, the fact that he needed to say it makes me think it isn’t true. And honestly, I don’t really care either way. I don’t think he’s capable of happiness but that doesn’t mean I don’t want him to find it. I have a feeling that he was most upset about the blog “Reasons Why She’s Ugly” which is my first blog on wordpress and the only one from here that is also there. And the funny thing is, it’s really not about her. True, she was in fact the inspiration for it, and I wrote it with that particular relationship in mind. But, I think it’s safe to say, most people wouldn’t see it as a knock on her. It’s not. It’s a knock on all women for the way we treat each other. For all the shallow petty behavior we display towards one another. Making each other the enemy when we clearly aren’t. And now, on a shallow note (I never claimed to be perfect) just because she’s ugly, doesn’t mean it’s about her.

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