Carly Catastrophe

{April 11, 2008}   Yeah, your kids will wait till marriage just like you did

So, I’ve just started talking to my sister again. And the other night she asked me a slightly disturbing question. The question was “do condoms help protect against STDs?” which may not seem disturbing but her response to my answer sure was. “Oh, my health teacher told me they didn’t.” Abstinence only education is insane. Do people honestly think that by not teaching our children how to have safe sex they’ll just decide not to? Come on now! Kids are going to have sex whether you want them to or not. Isn’t it better that they be taught that they should wait while still giving them the information that they need. Promoting safe sex is not the same as promoting sex. And now, we’re giving children false information about protecting themselves. A health teacher once told me that when used correctly, condoms have a 38% fail rate. Now, none of us like condoms honestly. (Although, I certainly prefer them to the pill.) And if we are taught that they don’t even do what they’re supposed to do, we’re going to decide that there’s no point, we’ll just use the pull out method. And the pullout method doesn’t work people. The bodily fluids are still exchanged, you’re at a greater risk for contracting an STD or becoming pregnant. We need to stop lying to our children before it leads us to lying to our grandchildren. Before you’re taking your child to the clinic to treat his gonorrhea.

I so agree with you. I’ve gotten into plenty of debates over this with people. Usually the people who’s kids “would never do anything like this”, ya right!!! I think we need to prepare our kids for all kinds of situations even if the topic makes us somewhat uncomfortable. Some people just seem to think kids will just know what to do but how can they??

This was a good post.


Kathy says:

You’re right, condoms do *help* protect against STDs, but that doesn’t mean that the actual real-life effectiveness is close to 100%. This is primarily because the way they are actually used in real-life situations is not the way they’re supposed to be used. If you check the CDC’s website, and search for “condom” the first link that comes up leads to a research article about this.

While condoms provide theoretical protection against STDs and pregnancy, this article said that actual effectiveness in real life varies (based on how they are used, how often they break, etc.); and in fact, the studies are “inconclusive” on the subject of STDs. I know that there are some STDs that can be transmitted even without actual intercourse (because bodily fluids can be transmitted by bodily contact that condoms don’t cover, including hand-to-genital contact), which is how my sister got genital warts.

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