Carly Catastrophe

{January 16, 2008}   Gag me with a spoon

One of my biggest relationship pet peeves is baby talk. It’s one thing for you and your partner to have cute little pet names for each other and maybe one or two obnoxious little baby talk things you do now and then. But if more than 20% of your time together is spent talking in baby talk, it’s disgusting. Being around it makes me want to puke and it just makes you sound stupid. Every relationship I’ve ever seen that relies heavily on the baby talk ends horribly. My theory is this, people use baby talk to dumb themselves down so that they don’t see how bad their relationship is. Also, I can’t stand excessive use of emoticons in any circumstance.

Mom says:

Aw, watta mattew Carwy????

:0 🙂 ❤

thcgirl77 says:

i dislike it too, never used baby talk with my boyfriend. if i wanna talk baby talk, i talk to a baby and now a grown up man.

brandon herrera says:

yea we never did dat………

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