Carly Catastrophe

{January 2, 2008}   A little bit smarter this time around

Once again, I’m a girl with a boyfriend. I have mixed feelings about it. I like the guy. We get along really well. He both talks and listens. We do more than just watch movies and fuck. Basically, he’s the exact opposite of my last boyfriend. But still, I’m cautious. How can I be anything but after this past year. I thought we were in love until he dumped me. Granted, deep down, I knew we were nose diving but, I told myself that we’d merely hit a rut. And when he left me, I thought I’d never be the same again. Of course, I was wrong but it still hurt like hell. I don’t ever want to feel like that again. I suppose pain is inevitable though. Unlike with my last boyfriend, this guy has no problem with taking things slow. And that’s got to be a good sign right? That was part of he problem last time I decided that I was in love before I even knew him. I guess that’s the trick. I need to keep my head on my shoulders and I’ll be alright. Once again, I’m a girl with a girl with a boyfriend. This time around I’m a smarter girl with a boyfriend.

Momma Shay says:

If you can just resist the temptation of pushing him into the water when he’s just on the edge lookin in………LOL……..good luck girl……….hope this one is lots of good and lots of love………you deserve it!

Love you!

primroseandproper says:

it’s eerie how much you sound like me…

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