Carly Catastrophe

{December 26, 2007}   Reasons why she’s ugly

One of the worst things about a break up is that it can turn you into a shallow petty bitch. One of those girls you hate. Because, as much fun as it is to make of your ex, it’s much more fun to make fun of his new conquest. I’m not quite sure why. Probably because girls are better at judging girls. And your friends have an arsenal of things to say about this new girl. Mostly different reasons why she’s ugly. Of course, you all agree she’s most likely a bitch and stupid too but, you don’t know her so you can only assume. And for  some reason, this makes you feel better. But why? If she’s as ugly and bitchy and stupid as you all say she is, then what does that say about you? And why do you hate her so much? What did she do? You should want to help her. Call her up and say “Hey, just so you know, this is exactly the breed of asshole he is.” Maybe if one of his exes had call you up, you wouldn’t have stayed with him. But, you know that’s not true. You would have been angry. You would have told her something along the lines of ” You’re just jealous. You couldn’t give him what he needs. I can. Get over him.” And maybe that’s why you hate her. Because she’s blind to who he is. She’s stupid and giving a bad name to women everywhere. Because only a year ago, her stupidity was your stupidity.

Momma Shay says:

Can’t say enough how very awesome you are…..this was the very first blog I read, and I am lucky to have the link, not everyone is as brave as you to have these entries and to share them…..YOU NOT ONLY ARE SMART, YOU ARE BRAVE!

Love you!

bekah1976 says:

When I left my last boyfriend, the leaving was on me. But going back to his house to drop something off only three days later and having his new conquest answer the door….that hurt. Come to find out he hooked up with her the very day we broke up. Makes me wonder if she wasn’t waiting in the wings.. ya know?
So she didn’t realize who I was until I had gone. She then looked up my cell phone number on his phone and called me to see where it all went wrong with us. I told her everything, I sugar coated nothing. It got me nowhere. He called me later that day screaming about how I tried to turn his girl against him etc. I just hung up, it was her that called me, not the other way around.
Later that week when I picked up my bed he had my sheets in a plastic bag. Come to find out he never washed them after having sex with her on them. Yeah, nice huh. And to make it all worse, she was on her period when they did this. I stopped at a gas station and put them into the bin there. I didn’t want to throw them away at my house or have them in my car any longer. Men are so cruel. This girl though, she sounded sweet and sincere, needless to say, too good for him. They were over right after he got her pregnant. Bah. I could go on for days.

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